Friday, May 01, 2009

Papa John's @ IOI Mall

Papa John's Pizza is the 3rd largest delivery pizza company in the world, behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza. Currently, there are 2 franchises in our country, one in Berjaya Times Square and another in IOI Mall new wing. The price of Papa John's is slightly higher but it does taste much more delicious.

Papa John's at IOI Mall new wing.

The interior is nothing special than any other delivery pizza restaurant.

Full with eaters. Need to queue up to be seated. We were lucky to avoid the queue because our leng lui friend went there early and reserved a table for us, hehe.

Nowadays, if you got no free wifi in your café or restaurant, your are few steps behind!!!

I love this. Some kind of garlic cheese butter, really taste good with breadsticks.

Breadsticks. I prefer to dip them with the sauce above than the chili thingy.

What's this? Come with every pizza. Taste like appetizer from chinese restaurant, haha.

Chicken Super Papa's.

Thin Crust Land & Sea.
This is the main attraction of Papa John's pizza. The thin crust is somehow extremely tasty, kinda crunchy but not too hard, match with the topping ingredients perfectly.
The thin crust only come in 9" and is imported from the US(correct me if I'm wrong).

Receipt for 3.

Ok, who wanna accompany me to eat Papa John's Thin Crust Simply Cheese next?

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