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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bali_Day 3

Good morning from Bali, with confidence.

Petitenget, a very western garden kind of feel.

Under the tree with cold refreshing morning breeze.

A cup of great coffee to start a day.


This is fattening and delicious!

Tanah Lot.


Temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.

The storm is coming, making the scene even more beautiful.

Not sure of what to eat for dinner, especially while feeling tired to the max.
So just randomly picked a bar restaurant to stop by.

Great to see they are serving buffet!!!
Seafood buffet!!!



This is way too light for me.

Seafood + Meat.

Purely seafood ^^

Hot chick playing with fire.

Walaoeh, getting nearer and nearer and I can feel the heat from the chick as well as the fire!!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Bali_Day 2

A very good morning from Pullman balcony.
It's great to wake up with the sound of wave from afar.

Typical American breakfast.
Surely can gain lots of weight if have this kind of breakfast everyday.

Sight seeing along the happening beach.

Many tourists as well as the locals surf at Bali.

A dude enjoying surfing on the waves.

Yup, he managed to reach the shore without falling.
Kind of an achievement not only to prove the ability of balancing but no doubt he looks damn cool!!!

"Pasar pagi" with bikini chicks.
Hot or not is differed by individual taste lol...

A simple lunch.

The Ritual Chapel @ Uluwatu.

Although the building itself is kinda obsolete, but the architecture and design is still astonishing!

Picturesque view!

You are not been to Bali without dinning at Jimbaran!
Ok that sounds too much...

No doubt the setting of tables and chairs along the seaside with this kind of candle light is so romantic.

How can you not to have some beers with this kind of view?

Lobsters, prawns, mussels, crabs, baked potato, all in one.

Fish, prawns, mussels, baked potato, all in one.

Verdict on food: Not as good as what it seems, not as bad as what people said.
Verdict on view: Superb!!!
Verdict on price: Worth it considered partially paid for the view.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bali_Day 1

Facial towel, cute :)

Welcome drink from Pullman Hotel

View from the bathroom

View from room balcony

Exterior of Pullman

Stopped by Warung Kampung for lunch

Counter selling all sorts of local tid bits

Just some simple fried rice and noodles to fill up the empty stomachs

Kuta beach!!!


Kuta Beach under the hot sun taken by iPhone 4

Reflection of the sun

Who built this castle?

Pullman hotel just right in front of Kuta Beach

Donkey or pony?

Shopping time!

Slippers vending machine.

Dinner time @ Sang Ria

Candle light dinner

But quite a lot of mosquitoes...

The usual suspect on dining table in Bali

Pork ribs


All the main courses were superb especially the broth of this "laksa"

Lobby of Pullman at night

Anyone artistic enough to explain what is the meaning of the wall decoration?

Good night :)