Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coconut Shake @ Klebang Malacca

Sometime, we no need to think too far to get ourself become special or outstanding, just a little twist on the ordinary and it will bring an extraordinary impact. I always believe that creativity is the most powerful weapon in human's mind. As we all know, coconut water is the most ordinary drink especially in kampung area. You cannot buy big car by selling coconut water. But, when u add on some ice cream and blend it with ice, it will become something else, and it might enable u to buy a big big car with the income.

On my way back to hometown at Malacca last weekend, I purposely passed by Klebang just wanna have a try on the famous coconut shake. The fame of the coconut shake boasted up sky high recently and they even interviewed by local newspaper. The shop which I knew prior to have coconut shake was John Rock's Coconut House if I'm not mistaken.

Coconut shake is the reason for the cars along the roadside.

Coconut shake is the reason why the queue is so damn long.

Coconut shake is what it says.

Coconut shake is easy to make, just add some coconuts, few scopes of corn flavor Wall's ice cream, some ice cube, some sugar, some coconut water/plain water(not sure) into the blender(not sure what brand), then press the button to blend them(not sure how long), then it will be created. :)

Coconut shake is selling at RM1.50 (RM1.80 for take away), add one scope of ice cream will be RM2.00 (RM2.20 for take away).

Coconuts before become coconut shake.

More coconuts.

Coconut shake shop also sell nasi lemak and so on.

Coconut shake is what it is. Here is the normal RM1.80.

Coconut shake is nice to drink during hot weather like now. WooHooo~~~

I bought the tambah ice cream when I was on my way back to KL ^.^

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