Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley

Pasta Zanmai is just like Pasta De Gohan at Sunway Pyramid, Japanese food with pasta...

The entrance.



The interior.

Milky green tea.

My prawn and squid cream sauce pasta. RM23.00

EbiTen Unagi. You can have both pasta and rice + tempura and unagi in this set, and yet RM1.00 cheaper than my prawn and squid cream sauce pasta.
Here, I admit that I'm not that savvy in choosing myself a worthy Japanese food...


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gelatissimo @ The Garden

500 years in the making, don't play play with it...

Looks like a lot of flavors, but mostly are duplicated.

My all time favorite rum raisin was out of stock.

First time see got chili flavor ice cream. Taste it but not spicy at all, so I skipped it.

2 scoops/flavor = RM12.90

1 scoop/flavor = RM8.90 stupid me ordered this due to the stupidity of never read the menu before ordering...

Buy 6 free 1, who wanna help me fill this up???

Is Gelatissimo taste great? Seriously till now I still trying my best to discover what's the difference between expensive ice cream and Wall's, other than most of the expensive ice cream having rum raisin flavor and Wall's doesn't have...

What can I say is, Gelatissimo taste more like yogurt ice cream and is best for those ice cream lover who is in diet.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

十一哥 Eleven @ Jalan Hang Lekir (Jonker Walk)

Invited by my old friend Alan to 十一哥 Eleven Bistro Restaurant, which is owned by his father.
The chef of 十一哥, Barry, is my secondary school friend as well.
十一哥 Eleven Bistro Restaurant is famous for its Portuguese style food, which enable you to have your Portuguese food without going down to Portuguese settlement Ujong Pasir.

十一哥 Eleven Bistro Restaurant.

Entrance to the delicious Portuguese food.

The Christmas decoration.

Very artistry and comfortable interior.

I translate for you: Jalan Hang Lekir also got Portuguese food to eat!!!

Thumbs up comments from the famous men in Malacca such as politician, businessman etc...

Orange juice for everyone.

Appetizer. Consist of mango, ikan bilis etc...

Fried rice, with 2 big fresh prawns. The prawns are extremely fresh and cooked to the perfect doneness.

Fried mee, with 2 big fresh prawns as well.

马来风光 - Kangkung belacan. Everyone agreed that this taste superb!

The main course of the meal, Portuguese style ikan bakar. It is 午鱼 instead of ikan pari. The nature of 午鱼 is the tenderness of the flesh. With the extremely fresh of it, you can even taste the original juicily sweet of the fish.

Chicken wings, delicious!


Hoegaarden, beer from Belgium. Very suitable for girls to drink as this beer is very soothing.


When the night comes, which is around 11pm......

...The same Christmas tree which I took a picture previously become like this.

The orange juice on the table was replaced by this......

Here comes the Santa clause......
Ho ho ho~~~

who is very friendly......
...when taking pictures with leng lui......

and very friendly...
...when taking picture with leng cai......

...until like this......
................................................. '_'

Eventhough it is a week before Christmas, you can see 十一哥 is filled with Christmas atmosphere... No doubt, this is a perfect place to celebrate the upcoming Christmas and New Year. According to the boss, New Year Eve will be very very happening here, so just come and join the party!!!

From what I can see, the difference between 十一哥 and other famous restaurants especially in KL/Selangor is, 十一哥 really focus on the freshness of their food SERIOUSLY. That is a very core and positive direction when you are running a seafood/Japanese restaurant, or even western food...

Bravo to 十一哥 which make Malacca has another delicious food in the must eat list.

Not to forget, thanks to Alan for the great food......... and drinks ^.^

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Decorations 2009


Mid Valley
Mid Valley's castle theme this year is much more better than last year.

View from top.

Close up of the goodies on the Christmas tree. Do you notice something from Ice Age???

The hanging candles are very Harry Potter feel.

One Utama
One Utama's decorations for all the festivals will never disappoint us.

Gift/Goodies stalls.

Closed up of this rotating ding dong.

This was the only picture taken as I wasn't staying in Starhill for long.

The giant curtains really make the whole scene looks grand.

I'm still missing the giant white Xmas tree which surrounded by the singing carols that Pavillion presented for all of us on the 1st year of their opening during 2007.

Should have gone Pavillion at night time because there's more beautiful decorations outside which will be lighten up with L.E.D when the nights come.

Really wish I have the time and chance to visit these places again especially at night. Hopefully will have second episode of my Christmas Decorations post.