Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sell Out!

- About the song "You Are Not My Type", the "Noooo~~~........................" part is too damn long, spoilt the nice song.
- Opening, director won woman director award? Anything related to Yas. Ahm.?
- Boring long tracking shots, coz most of them are static. Must learn from the master of long tracking shot Brian De Palma, whose Snake Eyes which got crazily superb long tracking shot in the opening(Nic Cage's excellent performance also must be credited for that shot, it is just too good!!!).
- About the part when Rafflesia asking the dying man what he thinks about our government, can add more 心思 the second before he die so that the impact will be more powerful. What a waste when touch the point but not deep enough into it.
- Nice office building, like LRT station
- Ending = ???
- Sharon Pang kind of subtitle appear again -_-"

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