Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant 逢莱茶房 @ The Garden

逢莱茶房 is always full with customers. Eventhough it was Monday, we still have to take number and queue. But the good thing is, they offering nice waiting place with comfortable sofa and some drinks for their customers. - 贴心

逢莱茶房 Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Garden.


Some juices are served while waiting to be seated.

32 is my choice.

Full with customers.

Sweet potato balls 地瓜球。Last time it was RM4.80, but now selling at RM5.30, more than 10% of increment, WTH!!! -_-"

Papaya milk 木瓜奶。

Fresh tomato fried egg with fish 番茄蛋焖鱼套餐。

Fire burning...

The set comes with soup and some side dishes.

Chicken soup with salted vegetable.

Fried rice with rice wine 红槽炒饭。

Steam fish with pineapple set 凤梨树子蒸鱼套餐。

Steam fish. Underneath of the fish are 2 pieces of pineapples.

Let's start to enjoy the food.


The food here is quite delicious. Worth the waiting time spent and deserve another visit.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat (Pulau Ketam) @ Sri Petaling

Weeks ago, there was a post about steamboat from Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant which is famous for their lively fresh prawns and seafood. Now, let me introduce you a steamboat which is famous for their homemade fishball, fishcake etc. Check out Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat official website HERE.

Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat @ Sri Petaling

Same like Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant, Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat is not in buffet style either.

As usual, you'll get eggs, mee hun, yee mee etc.

Amount for 3 persons, eventhough we had 5 persons. Check out the fishballs, fishcakes, fish noodles, they are all homemade and in raw/uncooked version. Unlike other places which offering cooked and refrigerated version which can easily get from any bazaar or market.


We ordered some extra dishes but I forgot to take photos.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

T Bowl Concept Restaurant @ Sungei Wang

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant Sungei Wang branch.

What concept? Toilet, bathroom lo~~~

Wanna pee?

Sexy in bathtub.

Oiii, what you doing??? This guy scared most of us...

Toilet bowl.

Menu with a toothbrush.

Full of people with urge.

Colorful toilet bowl.

Toilet bowl with a hand, nightmare...

Food and drinks.

With the design of the cup, we practically have only half cup of drink #%^@#$*&!!!

Tasty cuisine chicken rice.

Volcano spicy chicken.

Minced mushroom noodle.

Chinese mambo pork rice.

Mango lime bubble mocktail. 芒果肥皂水


Since it is a concept restaurant, don't expect much from the food.
Their menu is rich, full of choices, from Japanese Korean Taiwanese Hong Kong to Western... We spent more than 15 minutes to decide what to eat.
Basically the food is normal, not too good and not so bad either. When the food was served, it wasn't in hot mode :( . Maybe it is because they got too many customers on Sunday and unable to focus, or need to batch up the orders etc. I believe you will be able to taste nice food on some other days when not that crowded.
T-Bowl is creative in term of concept. Creative for you to see only, but not to utilise. So, only one time of experience will be enough though. Won't feel there will have anymore surprise on second visit.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homemade mee suah soup

Homemade mee suah soup by myself.

- Ikan bilis Soup base 江鱼仔汤 (Ikan bilis boiled for 20 minutes. NO SALT NO AJINOMOTO)
- Mee suah 面线
- Fish ball 鱼丸
- Vegetable 白菜

Less salty, less oily and NO artificial seasoning. The vegetable was washed and soaked thoroughly before cooking. The sweetness and saltiness are originally extracted from ikan bilis and mee suah itself. The soup is crystal clear, only few drops of cooking oil were added and it taste 3 times better than those I can find outside :p
If not because I wasn't feeling well, chili padi surely will be added to bring up my satisfaction even higher...

Ok, sounds like Shiok Sendiri '_'

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Restaurant Soong Kee 亚烈家乡小食 @ Bukit Serdang

Restaurant Soong Kee 亚烈家乡小食


This is actually fish paste, taste yummy...



Picture was taken after distributing into small bowls individually.

咸菜蛋腐汤 in small bowl.