Saturday, May 23, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl???

from left to right: Dawn, Pinky & Juanita

How many people actually followed this Malaysia's online reality series??? I can't really see any hot discussions in Malaysia's top forums. Whenever I sent the link to my friends, not much reponses were given. But, I myself did follow this reality series since season 1, as well as the season 2 which just ended up last week (15 May 09). The show is really a well conducted show and you can see the effort put by all the contestants as well as those professionals.

My top 3
Malaysian Dreamgirl: Pinky
1st Runner up: Juanita
2nd Runner up: Dawn

Actual result
Malaysian Dreamgirl: Juanita
1st Runner up: Pinky
2nd Runner up: Dawn

Kinda disappointed :(

Natural borned cute Pinky showed us not only the cutesy side, especially the final few shots including the finale, proven that she is more than cute, yeah, she is very pretty too! She got the perfect complexion, perfect height and weight. The most important is, she is down on earth. Eventhough her mom wanted her to marry rich older man but she fight for her true love. Girl like this is very rare nowadays (Ah Fai is a lucky guy, hehe), especially in the materialistic big cities.

Things that I do not like about this online-sms-reality show:
- The richest contestant will always win (Pardon my ignorance).
- Some judges seems like doesn't really interested in chinese contestants with fair complexion and prefer those closer with theirs.

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