Monday, June 28, 2010

Knight and Day

- Exciting - Funny - Handsome - Beauty - Romantic - Action -

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mono Wings Bistro @ TTDI

Another first time visit...
Yeap, this is the first time I appear in TTDI.
This place is clubbing heaven.
Nice environment.
Hot chicks.
Cool guys.
Great music.

And the most important is...
They have 3 pints for RM50.00 Kilkenny!!!

Around TTDI on Tuesday midnight.


Mono Wings Bistro.
Their theme is airplane as the bosses are pilots.
The good thing here is, they won't have cover charge on Fri Sat Sun ^^

Some decorations.

Still newly opened.
According to the person working there, they will have a pool table soon...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Royal Oak Pub & Restaurant @ Jaya One

... continue from the previous post... After we went Laila's Cafe-Lounge, we looked for some other pubs for another round...

Hard to look for a pub to drink after midnight when it is not Fri or Sat.
As the mood of Kilkenny arrived, 3 pints for RM50.00 will always be my choice.

Not many pubs still on business during 2am Monday morning.
At first, we went to the one opposite Royal Oak but "chased" away by the waiter politely saying that they were closing and he "secretly" informed us that Royal Oak still open and selling Kilkenny.

The environment is not so spacious and the "feel" is not so "kao" if compared with the one we went previously. But still it is a good place for drink.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Laila's Cafe-Lounge @ Plaza Kelana Jaya

Recently only I realized that around Plaza Kelana Jaya(Glomac development) got hell lots of pubs. Along the Plaza Kelana Jaya there got not less than 10 pubs and cafes for you to choose, and all of them sharing the picturesque lake view.

Laila's Cafe-Lounge was the lucky one as we choosed to visit it out of so many others.

Lakeview... Can't see at night anyway...

The Beatles' concert was playing all night long.

Reddish design of the interior.

Red light district.

This was just for starter. Main dish will come in my next blog post.


There are plenty more pubs & cafes with different kind of design and feel which require to fork out some time and money in order to explore.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Murni @ SS2

My first visit to this super famous mamak.

My first visit to this super LONG mamak. Almost as long as a street.

Nasi chicken chop if not mistaken.

Guess what???

Their super famous and super delicious 老鼠粉.
Together with the chili, it will rock your taste bud to the max, heavenly delicious...

Mango special. Inside got hidden watermelon as well.

Orange special.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

One Day Trip to Shah Alam

My first time visit to Shah Alam.
Last Saturday I attended my ex colleague's wedding which held at a dewan of a museum in Shah Alam.
After the wedding, another ex colleague of mine who is a Shah Alamer brought me to lepak around Shah Alam.

Garden with man made lake.

Greenish and fresh.
Perfect getaway from the busy city.

Kedai Kopi.

Ice blended drinks.


Shah Alam club.

Table tennis.
Forgot to take the picture of their air-conditioning badminton court.