Thursday, July 29, 2010

炸虾面 @ JalanTengkera Melaka

Located just opposite ACS and Malacca Badminton Association



So much difference between the size as well as the amount of fried prawn, with just RM0.50 difference in price.
Speaking of the fried prawn, I seriously got no idea what is it actually.
It is something taste like prawn but you can't find any prawn meat in it.
Perhaps it is something blended with prawn and flour then fried together.
Last time it was quite famous and delicious, but recently the fishball taste “臭腥味”.

Friday, July 23, 2010


This time, not much twists, but still mindblowing.
The idea is fresh and great.
The story moving in fast pace and make audience feel the intensity.
I like the planning part. It makes me feel like I am one of them, and it is much better than the Ocean series (Ocean 11, 12, 13).
Feel like a lot of things happen in this movie, all in proper sequence.

Powerful cast.

Leonardo DiCaprio - Same as usual. The acting skill is there but his voice not so suitable to play a persuasive person. Ya, he sounds like a boy, not yet a man.
Ken Watanabe - Eventhough hard to understand his Japanglish, but his height and outlook always make him look like a taiko/boss. Too bad of the injury though...
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Not really like him to play Arthur, the Point Man. Could be better if portrait-ed by Ewan Mcgregor/Orlando Bloom/Ryan Reynolds? Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still more suitable to play the role in (500) Days of Summer.
Marion Cotillard - Mal!!! She is damn elegant, beautiful, dangerous and a bit scary in this movie, makes me so excited every time she appears.
Ellen Page - Finally she doesn't look like Juno anymore. She definitely can lead the role in this movie.
Cillian Murphy - One of my favorite actor. Too bad there is not much space for him to present his acting skill under this role.

杜琪峰has his own favorite casts - 林雪、张兆辉、任达华
Christopher Nolan's favorite casts - Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Cillian Murhy and Ken Watanabe.



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Johnson's farewell + Birthday celebration @ Pasta ZanMai One Utama

Don't know why, recently I keep on forgetting to take picture of the main entrance of the shop. Sometimes, I reminded myself to shoot main entrance but later on I forgot to shoot the food pulak... Memory is loosing due to aging, I guess...

Anyway, here's the nearest entrance I can get from Pasta ZanMai One Utama.

Hot and cold green tea.

Due to the hunger, we ordered this as starter.

My set, which is the most worthy as it contains of so many and only cost less than RM30.00.
Full to the max after clearing the entire set.

Birthday boy, Johnson.

Birthday cake from Secret Recipe.

All of us.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kjeldsens Butter Cookies

Do you like this?
Looks familiar isn't it?
Yeah, it exist since I was young, or even before I was born?
Not sure la, just know that it exist in the market for a very long time and still going strong as a branded name amongst competitors.

My dad used to buy this when I was a kid.
My mom used to buy this as visiting gift for relatives.
My ex-gf used to buy this for me as well.

I remember last time don't have this paper inside one... =p

The one with raisin is my favorite, how bout you?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

甜品哥哥 @ SS2

Wanted to eat Mango Loo from KTZ SS2 but full-house as always.
So we went to their rival, 甜品哥哥.
甜品哥哥 got more than 150 type of choices.
If not in hurry and with empty stomach, I'll spend 20 minutes to decide my order.

I ordered this for smoothen throat.

Hard to decide which one to choose as I love both durian and mango.

Pear Stewed Tendril-leaved Fritillary Bulb...
Ok, I learned new terms.

Durian Pan Cake.

Red beans ice with ice cream.

I wasn't playing with my food, but just curious to know what's inside.

Dessert brother is kinda expensive...