Monday, May 18, 2009

阿娇冬炎粉 @ Serdang

Never knew the shop is called 阿娇冬炎粉 until my latest visit. Ya, last time they got no banner or printed menu. This is the shop where I first ate noodle/mee hoon/hor fun with milk, and it offering the best 鱼滑鲜奶 I have tasted so far, the fish paste is fresh and tasty. Actually seafood Tom Yam is the most famous menu here but I'm not really into sour food. Other than that, nasi lemak is also one of the most ordered food from the menu. It always full house when lunch hour. I remember once we waited for almost 30 minutes for our orders due to the amount of customers. The nearest rival is the one at 龙少 coffee shop at Balakong. Heard people says there is another more famous one located at Cheras, but I got no idea where is it. Definately will pay a visit if got chance.


Home made herbal tea

Fish paste & milk noodle

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