Sunday, November 28, 2010

十号胡同 @ Lot 10

十号胡同 @ Lot 10
Heard this place is gathered with all the famous delicious food around Selangor...
Heard the price is much more higher than their original shop....
Heard the hawkers here are ego because of the fame...

I am not sure whether this is one of the famous ones, but just I wanna eat some soup base food.

What's hiding underneath?

清酒上汤啦啦面线 Poached White Shell in Superior Soup w/ Vermicelli
Tasty, fresh, and expensive @ RM10.30
The shell of the clams are so damn hard to open, even with total 10 fingers of effort -_-"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

陈有记海鲜楼 @ Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan

陈有记海鲜楼 @ Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan.
Picture was taken after dinner.
Before this was almost full house.

Simple but delicious dinner for 3 person.



小辣椒 Chili padi.

招牌豆腐 Fried beancurd with fish paste.
Underneath are slices of mango, yummy...

四面豆(Four-angled beans) + 臭豆(Parkia speciosa or just petai) + 菜豆(Phaseolus vulgaris) + 羊角豆 (Ladyfingers) = 四大天王

沙律鸡 Salad chicken.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Uniqlo @ Fahrenheit 88

Why people so crazy bout Uniqlo???

Seriously I don't know where to spend the RM20.00 voucher...
Basically I wasn't attracted to any of the Mickey mouse shirt/jeans/socks/underwear/etc...
But I told myself that I've already come all the way to KL through the traffic jam and already parked my car in RM5.00 parking lot @ Lot 10, any how also need to get something before I go back...
I need to get rid of the voucher and need to hold something from Uniqlo in my hand...
Uh,... Tough job eh, I hate to shop like this actually...

Finally I managed to grab something...

I bought it because the cotton is really really soft, very comfortable...
Hopefully it will be as soft as it is now even after washing...


Hopefully Uniqlo will bring in more creative/special/attractive stocks for the upcoming Christmas/Chinese New Year sale...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pavilion Christmas Decoration

What!!! Starting of November already set up Christmas decoration???
Pavilion is extremely fast for this year.
Mid Valley still nothing going on so far...

The center of the heart still work in progress...

Friday, November 12, 2010

阿牛正庄西刀鱼丸粉 @ Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan

阿牛正庄西刀鱼丸粉(金满满茶餐室) @ Taman Equine.
The best fishball noodle in Taman Equine.

The fishballs are above average, and the soup is superb.

冬粉 Cellophane noodles (also known as Chinese vermicelli, bean threads, bean thread noodles, crystal noodles, or glass noodles)

河粉 Kueh Teow

鱼饼 Fish cake

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Oasis Ikan Bakar @ Mid Valley

Pari lala.

Just Pari.

Still remember the price was at RM6.90 in earlier time.
Now, it is selling at RM7.90, but still, it is one of the must eat when I am in Mid Valley.

Monday, November 01, 2010

拾八风味 Room Eighteen @ Mid Valley

拾八风味 Room Eighteen @ Mid Valley.

Interior. Will be filled up when dinner time comes.

Busy kitchen.


Rojak as appetizer.

杏仁茶 Almond tea.

绿茶 Green tea.

泰式一品汤面 Thai H&S Noodle.

鸡丁饭 Rice with Chicken.

Curry with potatoes and fishballs.