Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bandai Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (with Gundam stand)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Expensive doesn't mean must be good, nice, beautiful,...... or DELICIOUS

These are all crappppppsszzzzzz...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Durian Pancake from Sumptuos Dessert @ The Garden

I did mention in my previous entry that I skipped to buy this during the last visit to MV. Today, I go MV again, mainly just because I wanna buy this, and have a look at some sports wear as well.

Looks not bad ya...

Shoot it when driving, hehe...

Looks like a pillow.

Actually it only consists of 3 things. Very thin pancake as layer, durian, and the white color thingy which you can find it in the durian donut from Big Apple.

RM10 for 6 pieces. Taste? Just normal.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seriously not enough sleep,... then drunk,...

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. All belongs to night shift's fault. Dunno y, after last week's night shift, I hardly get into normal day shift life. Perhaps the period of night shift for last week was kinda way too long.
I was back to day shift on Fri last week. I slept less than 2 hours and went to work, and Sat, I was really damn sleepy after lunch hour, nearly collapsed,... Hopefully nothing went wrong ya... Sunday, I slept from 7am till 4pm and Monday, I wanna force myself to adjust back to normal life since I'll start to work 9am shift from Tue onwards. So,... The whole Sunday night I DID NOT SLEEP, and until Monday morning, which was yesterday morning, I straight away went to Puchong to settle my money matter. I went to PBB, OCBC and CIMB (as if so much money to be handled -_-"). My plan was to stay awake the whole Monday so that I'll manage to sleep at Monday night.

Almost everytime I'll meet with the sexy Fairlady when I go out.

Check out the name of the saloon. I suppose all the stylists there are naked when when cutting hair.

Reached PBB Puchong at 9am,.. PBB seems not yet opened. So, I went for my breakfast. 1st thing to order needless to say, was a cup of coffee, then a bowl of 苦瓜米粉 since I never heard or eat this (eat half way only remember that I forgot to take pic, sleepy la,...). After my breakfast, I straight away dash to PBB. Damn lucky, no need to wait for long, just right after I pressed the number and straight away my number appeared on the 'ding dong'. After settling my RM100 million in PBB, I drove down to OCBC @ Bandar Puteri. Wow,.. OCBC @ BANDAR PUTERI IS FULL OF HOT-CHICK STUFFS!!!!! Friendly helpful skirt wearing OL are all around!!! All of a sudden, I "power up"!!! After OCBC, I went to CIMB and finally, my money matter was settled!!! Since already near Giant, I just go inside and see whether there is anything worth for buying. But too bad,... Nothing______

After that, I drove down to Tesco since I long time nvr been there. Bought a Maggi chicken, tiny brush for my dirty 洗脸盆(my housemate is damn dirty and NEVER clean toilet as well as 洗脸盆)and of coz, a LIVITA since I need to recharge and not planning to go back so early.

After drinking Livita,... I straight away drove down to 1U to have my hair cut @ one of my favorite saloon, Monsoon-ID. I desperately need some massage and relax. This time, the massage is on my head. I knew my stylish Jimmy is off today, but I just cannot wait and wanna get my hairdo done. Ching Wong was the one who served me, errr,.. not bad though. A talkative gal with good skill and I'm quite satisfied with the haircut. After the haircut, I just walked around 1U for few minutes then go down to Mid Valley, haha...

Damn,.. 1U was so damn easy to find a parking, but how come MV so damn crowded with carsssss in the parking lot??? Come on man, taiko here is lacking of sleep and feeling blur blur now, still want me to put so much effort on finding parking??? FU all!!! With all the effort contributed, I eventually manage to get a good parking which was near to the entrance. Wow, just by the time I entered MV, got 2 hot chicks appeared in front of me,... Fair, firm, smooth complexion with cute and pretty look,.. I "power up" again!!! Damn,... so many leng luissss in MV, why none of them are belong to me??? NOT FAIRRR!!! Planned to buy some shirt at MV but cannot get any... Saw the shoes I planned to buy at JJ, but is in blue -_-" Does it come in black??? Hopefully can get the black one in JJ so that I can earn more JCard point instead of getting nothing if buy at Nike outlets. Cross over to The Garden to see whether there is some special thing for me to see, but sadly nothing there as well. Oh wait, there is a Maxis center there, y dun just ask them to fix my GPRS/3G/WAP problem since Im free now???

Yeah, my GPRS finally is on again, hehe,... Thankx to the stuff there who was very helpful and settled my problem. Back to the old wing, wanna eat the ikan bakar but WHY THE OASIS FOODCOURT IN MV IS CLOSED FOR SO LONG??? The notice there only mentioned the foodcourt is renovating on behalf on the ikan bakar shop's boss's, errr,... the boss bought up the entire foodcourt??? Anyone who know about it please give further info, thankx... Since I've finished all the magazines for this month during my previous shoppingsss, there was no point for me to enter MPH again,... Suddenly I'm lost again. Ok, nvm,... I still got a final mission at MV, which is,... hehehe... No other reasons,... I just hope them can help me sleep better that's it,...

These are what I'm talking about...

After buying these,... I only realise that I planned to buy the durian pillow thingy as well,... Eh boss,... 吃榴莲不可以喝酒啦!Damn,... Finally I gave up the idea of buying durian thingy, but when I drove out the parking lot, I suddenly have the feeling that I should buy it, because,... YOU CAN EAT THEM SOME OTHER DAYS MAH, NOT ASKING U TO EAT IT NOW/TODAY TOGETHER WITH BEER OSO!!! Sigh~~~ I always make the wrong decision and I'm used to it liao.

Before going back, I wanna buy chicken son biscuit. 2 of my frens spent more than RM30.00 and another spent more than RM40.00 in this shop (Sunway branch) and I guess they dare not enter this shop anymore, haha... Today, I saw some cute chicks kinda clever, they took the amount of item they want, then go to weight it before buying. Ain't they clever? Haha,... Me did the same thing to the 瓜子, hehe,... Bought wife biscuit, chicken son biscuit and 瓜子. Dunno y wife biscuit & Chicken son biscuit are categorized as non-halal....

Bought these, one of my favorite beer, most suitable for cold weather like recently.

Tuborg tastes like plain water, KNN, kena cheated by H@nn@h T@n!!! A Caucasian woman took Carlsberg without any hesitation, I should follow her man!!! Looks like Tuborg is aiming for ladies' market, sigh~~~

And last but not least, Im writing this blog in DRUNK condition, so, if there is anything wrong, just UNDERSTOOD la,... hehehohohahahihihuhu,...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class @ Pavillion & The Ship @ Bukit Bintang

Started our journey around 6.30pm and the sky still bright. Traffic was smooth all the way until the exit of KL-Putrajaya highway (pic above).


Still jam like hell wtf.

GPS navigation by Asus P750.

The speed is 0 kph!!! Is funny to find out that The Pavillion is not in the map. (2007 map)

KLCC by K810i inside the car, not bad though...

Right hand side red bus signaling left while the bus on the left signaling right. Poor us become sandwiches.

By the time we reached Pavillion, the night already fell.
8 something now and definitely not enough time for 8.30pm show. Watch 10.40pm lor, what to do? Spent almost 2 hours to reach Pavillion!!! Regret for not going One U.

Since the movie starts at 10.40pm and I already in KL, just grab the Gundam stand which I planned to buy from Fantasy Toy. The uncle still as stingy as what he used to be, don't wanna give me discount #&*^$&!!!

So we had our dinner at The Ship @ Bukit Bintang.

The Ship, as the name goes, is a ship!!! From the look outside the restaurant to the interior design inside until the decoration and the uniform of the 'crew' is nothing other than what will you find in a ship. Check their site out @
Still as happening as usual. No point, their food are too delicious for human being to quit.

Yeah, this is what I am talking about!!!

But no money already, so, choose this la,... not bad though...

No more lamb chop since weather is super hot recently. I noticed New Zealand lamb in the menu with great price, will come for it next time. So, I ordered baked fish. Very fresh fish until u can feel the 'sweetness' of the fish... and the cheese on top is 'kao' enough!!!

Mushroom soup.

The Ship is too dark without Xenon flash. Bread with cold Anlene butter.

Yong Chou fried rice. Full with prawns, worth a try.

Definitely is girl's drink. Got flower somemore man!!!

Man's drink.

Great food with excellent environment and good price.

Loitering around Pavillion. This HO家ME makes me homesick, suddenly...

Not a lot, just a bit, looks like The Garden.

I like this area, very very happening. Is already 1am but still very happening.

On the way home. Wow,... still jam, and so many ppl who doesnt need to work tomolo walking around here. Wait a minute, I would say 90% of them are middle easter, what the heck are they doing in a place like this on the time like now???