Friday, June 17, 2011

水上人家 Pantai Seafood Restaurant @ Kayu Ara Petaling Jaya

Located not very far from Damansara Village Steamboat, or Atria.
Pantai Seafood Restaurant is kinda hidden from the busy main road and is surrounded by kampung.
The wooden style building makes me feel like I am having seafood at some famous seafood villages nearby the sea.
Eventhough it is not surrounded by sea, but you still able to get the freshest seafood here, check out the aquariums the have here.

Check out the varieties.

Lively seafood.

Canada oyster.
Forgot to order this :(

Great deal, isn't it?

One of the expensive and delicious plain water fish.

Crowded on Friday night.

Have some tea and chit chat before the food comes.
The stove was for boiling soup.

象拔蚌 Geoduck, pronounced as "gooey duck".

You can either eat it raw in sashimi style with the provided wasabi or dip it into the provided boiling soup base.
But do not boil it for too long or else you will get yourself a chewing gum.
Both raw and boiled version are very good, taste real sweet!

Those at the right side are the fried kailan leaves which came from the trunk at the left side.

甘香啦啦 Fresh lala in kam heong style.
Not sure whether it was really cooked as it tasted quite raw.
But it was still good due to the freshness.

Needless to say, these were fresh as well.

Salted egg crabs.
We did not order the big one as the normal size already quite big.


Very very satisfied over the fresh and tasty seafood dinner.
Definitely will return for the oyster and abalone!
Who interested? :)