Thursday, May 20, 2010

My savior for Thomas Cup and then World Cup

As usual, very clear for digital TV but "snowing" while watching analog TV.
Need bigger antenna for NTV7 and 8TV...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kick-Ass - With no power comes no responsibility


由于充满着数不尽的F word,若检验局消音,此片的确无声胜有声。

一下是Kill Bill的感觉
一下是Bodies of Lies的感觉


非常喜欢Big Daddy和Kick-Ass被捉后上电视直到Hit Girl救他们那part…
坏蛋在电视里“惩罚”假扮superhero的人的确让人感觉到那痛,就像在Bodies of Lies里Leonardo DiCaprio被恐怖分子虐打,看到都痛…
而Hit Girl救他们那part,镭射扫到整间戏院就像在clubbing般,一流的视觉和听觉享受。
First-person shooter的scene在night vision goggles的衬托下效果远胜于Dwayne Johnson的Doom。
Hit Girl把Kick-Ass叫成Asshole更令我差点喷出口中的mango juice…
用动漫画来讲述Big Daddy和Hit Girl的过去/来源更是能够媲美Kill Bill里头的Anime部分,好喜欢镜头的movement把2D的画面3D化,只可惜短了些…

Nicolas Cage是我认识以来第一次以非主角的身份出现在电影中…
导演Matthew Vaughn以此出色之作受邀执导下一部X-Men。


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Me ^.^

只是和老爸到马六甲新开的Jusco吃Baskin Robbins


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Iron Man 2

Fuiyooh, so yau yeng and cool...

This part really seductive... The way she stared at Tony Stark (and me), sucked my breath away...

With these tights, needless to say...

Not only the bad guys, I myself also pengsan among them...

Why only put Scarlett's pictures? Because she's the only attraction in the entire movie.

My rating meters for Iron Man 2:
Action - 3/10 (Too less of action for an action movie, Iron Man VS War Machine is so lame. Final counter with Whiplash really makes me speechless(涕笑皆非), don't know wanna say it geng or lousy...)
Effect - 3/10 (Nothing special compared with the first movie.)
Fun - 4/10 (Ok but still fail.)
Plot - 3/10 (内容空洞,Tak ada isi)
Twist - 0/10 (???)
Brutal - 3/10 (Ip Man 2 tells you more about it.)
Horror - 1/10 (Will talk bout this for A Nightmare on Elm Street.)
Fantasy - 1/10 (The opening when Iron Man flying to the show, which you already had it in Batman & Robin)
Beauty - 8.5/10 (Scarlett and Gwyneth)

Why don't have this scene one? Can't see her sexy armpit on big screen T_T

Sunday, May 02, 2010

叶问 2 Ip Man 2

Before watching this movie, I was damn worry that it will inherit the destiny of most sequels, which are best described with the word "SUX".

Initially, my plan was aiming for Ironman 2, but due to the stupid traffic jam that caused me missed the 4pm show, and the next show was 5pm which I couldn't take it as I promised to have dinner with my friend at 7pm. So, I grabbed Ip Man 2.

For me, it is better than the first one. More fight scenes.
For Kung Fu movie, everybody wanna watch fighting scenes, and Ip Man 2 offers all the essentials that audiences wanted. For robot movie, everybody wanna watch exploring scenes, but somehow Revenge of the Fallen offered all the bullsh*ts...

Better opponents and more realistic. Unlike the forever invincible Wong Fei Hong, even though Wong Fei Hong movies are great, but the only thing that I doesn't like much is, no matter how scary and how strong the villains are, they will NEVER EVER give Wong Fei Hong a single pinch of pain, at most also give a cut on his shirt, just like fighting with God instead of human being... This happened in the first episode of Ip Man as well. But here in Ip Man 2, Sammo Hung and Twister really gave Ip Man some great fights.

When I was young, I was kinda worship Westerners. I wanted to enter a University which got a lot of angmo lecturers, after graduate, I wanna enter angmo company, I wanna work with angmo... Now, I everyday also have to deal with angmo, and the experience ain't pleasant, especially when dealing with those who knows nothing other than demanding.

In Ip Man 2, they portrait the angmo in the movie until damn guai lan, bullied Chinese until kao kao, until you feel like wanna apply the 连环拳 on the angmo's face if there are any in the same hall with you, haha...
Ok, enough of angmo bullsh*t, as what Ip Man always emphasize:


I have a feeling that this sequel will be much more worthy than the Iron sequel. So, you must not skip or miss Ip Man 2, go watch it NOW!!!