Monday, May 30, 2011

洺记炖汤 Meng Kee Steam Soup @ Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya

Haha... This month only got 3 posts...
What happen to me?
Maybe getting old...
Suddenly no mood to raise up my camera...
Or sometimes forgot to take the pictures until half way eating...

Anyway,... Here's another soup entry for this month...

洺记炖汤 Meng Kee Steam Soup @ Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya

Menu on the soups.
Main dishes actually.

Menu on the side dishes.

Should not ordered drinks when you go for some soup meal.

杜仲排骨 Toh Choong Rib Special.

海底椰鸡 Sea coconut with chicken


Fish paste.

Chicken with nuts.

Great meal after badminton session ^^

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

阿业靓汤 @ Low Yat Plaza

Went to Low Yat Plaza for a new LED monitor.
Not that I wanna buy a new one but the old LCD monitor "kong" as expected.
As you know, I always visit 阿业靓汤 whenever I go Low Yat Plaza.
The main key will be the quiet and peaceful environment.

Their tissue.

Vegetable, chicken and a bowl of rice which come with set.

Drinks and dessert.
Both are healthy, clearing off the body heat and toxic.

Soup, which you can choose from the list.

A complete set of healthy food.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

First of all, sorry again for forgetting the picture of the shop, again!
But you can easily identify this shop as it is located at the very eye-catchy corner shop lot.
If you can see the Giant Hypermarket at Bandar Puteri Puchong, you can see this shop just right further a bit.


Ikan pari

One ikan jenahak


All together for 2 person
Not very full though

Own recipe chili

Own recipe sambal

Receipt for 2 person

All the seafood is cooked at the same method and manner, same topping of sambal as well.
The topping sambal taste not spicy at all, but sweet indeed.
The sweetness overpowered the spiciness -_-"
If you do not like the sambal, it will spoil the entire dish no matter how fresh the seafood is.

For me, I will stick to Mid Valley's Oasis foodcourt Portuguese style ikan bakar (although the quality is not as good as before), and it won't even cost you half of the price here.

Or if you are in Malacca, the Eleven Bistro's still the best.