Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kings and I Fine Taste of Siam @ Kings Hotel Malacca

The greatest Thai Food I tasted so far.
Located opposite Pantai Hospital Air Keroh.
Not far away from Jusco / Melaka Mall(previously known as Kotamas).
It is at the first floor of Kings Hotel.

Main entrance.

Business hour.

Awards winning restaurant.

Great interior.

Alfresco is just right outside.
But here, the indoor is much more better.

Very relaxing environment.

Nicely arranged long table for big group.

Nicely arranged.
The silverware is kinda heavy ^^


Forgot the name of the rice.

Tom-Yam-Talay-Nam-Khon (RM12.80)

Tom-Yam-Goong with the maximum level of spiciness!!! (RM12.80)

Fruit punch.

Delicious fried rice.

Fried kueh teow.

This is the most worthy among all as it consists of lots of seafood.


Super delicious Kow-Niew-Ma-Maung (RM9.80)
But the amount is super small as well.

Formosa 台湾风味馆 @ Sunway Pyramid Asian Avenue

Kiosk type of Formosa 台湾风味馆 located at Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid, just a few steps away from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.


Lo Bak rice set

Oyster mee sua set

Bubble tea which comes with set

Still prefer the 台灣風味舘 Formosa Esquire Kitchen of Taipei located @ Kuchai Lama as there got more varieties.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the Library @ Mid Valley

What's the best thing to do after releasing from stacks of workload after office hour???

There's a lot of offices surrounding Mid Valley.
Normally, people will choose to have a great meal or a movie after working.
Now, people will have another great choice, which is go to the "Library" after working.
Yeah, this Library is famous, even normal working day also full of people.

Here, you can hear a lot of 90's rock songs (Oasis, Semisonic, Everclear, Nine Days, Matchbox 20 etc...), which is totally my cup of tea.
Here, you won't see many lala because most of the customers are working professionals (OL ^^).
But the drinks are a bit pricey if compared with other places, the extra I believe is paid for the environment.

马来西亚读书风气旺盛?非也,此图书馆非彼图书馆... ^^

Let's go Library study...

Bar stand.

Full house.

Feel good when drunk here...

Stage before the live band.

Live band on Thursday.

Live band on Friday.

Hoegaarden (RM36.00 per pint)
Buy one pint free one pint - Before 6pm
Buy one pint free half pint - before 10pm

Franziskaner Dunkel (RM38.00 per pint)
Buy one pint free one pint - Before 6pm
Buy one pint free half pint - before 10pm

Tequila shot (RM26.00)

After downing the shot......... and here comes the kick!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

中秋节快乐 Happy Mooncake/Mid Autumn Festival

Since I started my new job on September, which is working during normal working hour, I feel like I got no more personal time. Working 5 days a week and stuck in jam for almost 3 hours everyday really SUX!!!

Anyway, here's my belated wish for you all -

Happy Mooncake/Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节快乐 ^.^

Here's some mooncake to share with you all as well.
Hope it not yet expired =p




夜明轩 Pearl of Harmony

单黄香叶莲蓉 Pandan Lotus Single Yolk

栗子XO金沙 Chestnut XO Jingsa

百年红 Grand Ruby

This taste the best among all.

Thanks to Mr Darren Yap for the delicious mooncakes.
This is my first time to receive a mooncake gift from a friend, really feel touching...