Thursday, May 28, 2009

KTZ @ Low Yat Plaza

KTZ = Kei Tak Zek = 记得吃 = Remember to eat = Ki Tek Jia = Ingat makan

The mango loo is the most famous in town. Still remember when I first discovered KTZ, i even went to the extend that visit the shop twice a week from Taman Equine Seri Kembangan all the way to PJ SS2 just for the dessert.

The one located at Low Yat Plaza, previously was at Jalan Imbi.

The interior.

The interior 2.

Should sit inside as outside around Low Yat Plaza is always full with cars and dirt.

The menu.

Lime juice. Forgot with barley or not.

The famous mango loo, best!!!

Middle is filled with ice. Sometime I'll just dig out those ice and eat the mango and the pearl sago jelly.

Sambal. Taste different from last time. Thumb down :(

Prawn wan tan mee. Not bad.

Sze Chuan mee, also taste different from last time. Thumb also down for this :"(

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