Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pepparkakor Original Ekologiska @ Ikea


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Xmas Decoration @ Pavillion

Pavillion had their best Xmas decoration during last Xmas. This year, I visited Pavillion with eager anticipation, but...

The structures are obviously taken from last year's, only change the white colour balls with yellow balls.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What fish is this?

Few weeks back my friend gave me this fish, but till now I still got no idea what fish is it...
Can anyone gives me the answer?

The fish was kinda big, and I got no experience in clearing the gills, stomach and other organs of a fish which suppose to get rid of before cooking. So, the scene was kinda bloody and messed up. Luckily the fish still eatable after being "slaughtered" by me...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Madam Kwan's @ Pavillion

Heard of Madam Kwan's since long long time ago, but this is my 1st time trying Madam Kwan's. She's famous with her Nasi Lemak. Other than that, she still has some other choices in her menu such as local favourites, western's and so on.

The one located in Pavillion.

Her table is look like this...

Got rose on each table.

Got fork, spoon and tissue printed with her mark头.

Area overthere also belongs to her.

Lemon tea serves with honey.

Lemon tea.

Honey added.

This come with Nasi Lemak.

The legendary Nasi Lemak.

Curry mee.

Sambal for curry mee.

Receipt for 2.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Bolt @ Pavillion

This cartoon is awesome. I like the cute dog, BOLT (voice of JOHN TRAVOLTA), it makes me felt touched when it was going to save its owner, Penny (voice of MILEY CYRUS). Almost burst into tears man!!! Worth to watch. Personally quote it higher than Madagascar 2. You can choose to watch either normal or 3D (need to wear the 3D spec) screening. I choosed to watch in 3D but afterall, I bet the normal version will bring the same fun as well. Not much eye-popping scene which require the aids of 3D spec in this movie.

Since the experience of 2 hours drive from Tmn Equine to Pavillion, we definately want to sort out an alternative way to go Pavillion without facing the extremely hectic traffic after office hour. Smart tunnel is quite a smart choice.

The RM2.00 is worth to pay. You will reach Times Square right after the exit.

My fate with Nissan Fairlady 350Z.

Back to the Future I

Back to the Future II

Back to the Future III

Xmas decoration in front of RedBox Plus Pavillion.

Bolt movie tickets. Twin Seats + 3D.

Pavillion parking rate increased quietly. Previously per entry after 6pm was RM5.00, now need RM6.00.

My fate with Nissan Fairlady 350Z AGAIN!!! Is God indicates me that I'll get one soon? If not why keep on let me see it whenever I go lepak??? Hehe,...

Mc Donald's is not steady at all!!!

Good news and bad news to all sundae lovers!!!

Good News = Mc Donald's is having promotion for Sundae Cup from 1st Dec 2008 till 7th Dec 2008 at the price of RM2.00 per cup (Normal price is RM3.50, or RM3.00? Can't really remember).

Bad News =

Only HALF, 一半, SEPARUH, 0.5, 1/2 cup is given... -_-"

Very very very not steady at all la,... The clown got no guts to give a proper discount...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just Dessert @ The Curve

Located at The Walk@The Curve

Front view.

Daily promotion set.


Menu of health.

Six treasure.

Leg chee red bean.

Promotion set. No wonder kinda small portion.

Bacon & egg spaghetti. Chef's recommendation. Just taste so so and the bacon is too salty :(

Receipt for 2.

Monday, December 01, 2008


How come suddenly our government so good to open both AMANAH SAHAM WAWASAN 2020 (ASW) and AMANAH SAHAM MALAYSIA (ASM) to the non-bumiputra (or I prefer to refer as non-Malay) in such a short period between each other? Seems like our goverment needs a very big amount to save the market...

Look at the performance of ASM:
2006 Net Distribution per unit (sen) = 6.75
2007 Net Distribution per unit (sen) = 6.80
2008 Net Distribution per unit (sen) = 7.80

Worth a try isn't it? For now, I don't give a shit on what the government do with the money but as long as it doesn't goes lower than 6.75% or to the worst, lower than FD '_' then anything will do ^_^

So, I went to buy some units this morning. It was glad that the CIMB branch in Cyberjaya was not crowded at all. I reached there around 10:30am and before 11:00am everything already settled. My friend in Malacca had to take long queue, and heard some of the branches in KL encountered system down problem. Some even took whole day in the bank just for some units... So, the rural area like Cyberjaya still got its advantages, sometime :) Another thing need to add on for CIMB Cyberjaya, the staffs there really very helpful, unlike those in Maybank, especially the Taman Equine Maybank!!!*&*^#$&#@#! Other than that, there is a sweet teller working in CIMB Cyberjaya as well. I spent most of the queueing time staring at her. Wuahhaaha~~~

ASM is more like a saving than an investment. Basically, you only earn the dividend from it and that's all. If you plan to earn more and have more fun + excitement, go for equities... Sigh,... I missed the chance on IOICORP, sob sob~~~

Pre Christmas Decoration @ The Curve

It's been a while since the last time I visited The Curve. Since my friend suggested to pay a visit to Ikea for some dinning ware, immediately enlighten my idea of starting my Xmas decoration photo shooting "project".

I was really excited you know? Took out my K810i once I got my arse out from the car and started shooting here and there, as if dun wanna miss any single scenes that enter my eyes,...

Even the parking lot also won't let go,...
Btw, do u agree if I say this the best shopping mall parking lot in M'sia???

This machine got Ringgit to Euro converter, but what for?? Can't expect we will pay in Euro what???

How excited I was when I notice they already have the stall of selling Xmas items/gifts.

Here already quite attractive, the main hall must be awesome...

But I reckoned wrongly...


Still under Construction la :'(

Never noticed the big truck meh?

Sien, go to The Walk looo~~~

At least The Walk looks like Xmas all year long when the night comes,...

Guess this Xmas tree belongs to which restaurant?


Planning to buy this and put in my room.....

...... if it less than RM20.00
Come on,... Global econ slowing down, better keep your cash la,...