Saturday, May 30, 2009

What is the correct size for me???

Feel the comfort

One more reason to relax.

Most comfortable shoes/sandals.

Aiyakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, bought back home and wore to KL once only realised that the size was kinda small.

Went back to change to a bigger size. Shhhh.......... Don't tell the sales person I wore the shoes until KL ok, hehehe.... Yeah, this time, eventhough is stiiiiillll not perfectly fit(still can feel a lil' tight), but still okie la, hopefully will become loose a bit after few times of wearing.


I always have a problem in choosing myself a suitable shoes. Eventhough I am wearing size 8, but I always can find a lot of different standards of size from different brands.
My current old sandals is size 6 but still super loose, and ended that the sandals is wearing me instead of the other way around (It was the core factor that misleaded me to buy a smaller size sandal, and resulted me in buying a damn tight Hush Puppies in the beginning and had to go back to change)
My formal Renoma shoes is also 41, and is kinda tight, luckily no need to wear it everyday.
My Nike sport shoes is size 9, is a lil' bit loose. Actually size 8.5 will fit my foot perfectly but out of stock, so I took the size 9. It is still ok when wearing it with sport socks.

Other than having difficulty in finding the correct size for my shoes, the same problem goes to underwear as well. FYI, Size M for Renoma, CK, Hush Puppies and Alain Delon are all different -_-"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

KTZ @ Low Yat Plaza

KTZ = Kei Tak Zek = 记得吃 = Remember to eat = Ki Tek Jia = Ingat makan

The mango loo is the most famous in town. Still remember when I first discovered KTZ, i even went to the extend that visit the shop twice a week from Taman Equine Seri Kembangan all the way to PJ SS2 just for the dessert.

The one located at Low Yat Plaza, previously was at Jalan Imbi.

The interior.

The interior 2.

Should sit inside as outside around Low Yat Plaza is always full with cars and dirt.

The menu.

Lime juice. Forgot with barley or not.

The famous mango loo, best!!!

Middle is filled with ice. Sometime I'll just dig out those ice and eat the mango and the pearl sago jelly.

Sambal. Taste different from last time. Thumb down :(

Prawn wan tan mee. Not bad.

Sze Chuan mee, also taste different from last time. Thumb also down for this :"(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl???

from left to right: Dawn, Pinky & Juanita

How many people actually followed this Malaysia's online reality series??? I can't really see any hot discussions in Malaysia's top forums. Whenever I sent the link to my friends, not much reponses were given. But, I myself did follow this reality series since season 1, as well as the season 2 which just ended up last week (15 May 09). The show is really a well conducted show and you can see the effort put by all the contestants as well as those professionals.

My top 3
Malaysian Dreamgirl: Pinky
1st Runner up: Juanita
2nd Runner up: Dawn

Actual result
Malaysian Dreamgirl: Juanita
1st Runner up: Pinky
2nd Runner up: Dawn

Kinda disappointed :(

Natural borned cute Pinky showed us not only the cutesy side, especially the final few shots including the finale, proven that she is more than cute, yeah, she is very pretty too! She got the perfect complexion, perfect height and weight. The most important is, she is down on earth. Eventhough her mom wanted her to marry rich older man but she fight for her true love. Girl like this is very rare nowadays (Ah Fai is a lucky guy, hehe), especially in the materialistic big cities.

Things that I do not like about this online-sms-reality show:
- The richest contestant will always win (Pardon my ignorance).
- Some judges seems like doesn't really interested in chinese contestants with fair complexion and prefer those closer with theirs.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sell Out!

- About the song "You Are Not My Type", the "Noooo~~~........................" part is too damn long, spoilt the nice song.
- Opening, director won woman director award? Anything related to Yas. Ahm.?
- Boring long tracking shots, coz most of them are static. Must learn from the master of long tracking shot Brian De Palma, whose Snake Eyes which got crazily superb long tracking shot in the opening(Nic Cage's excellent performance also must be credited for that shot, it is just too good!!!).
- About the part when Rafflesia asking the dying man what he thinks about our government, can add more 心思 the second before he die so that the impact will be more powerful. What a waste when touch the point but not deep enough into it.
- Nice office building, like LRT station
- Ending = ???
- Sharon Pang kind of subtitle appear again -_-"

Monday, May 18, 2009

阿娇冬炎粉 @ Serdang

Never knew the shop is called 阿娇冬炎粉 until my latest visit. Ya, last time they got no banner or printed menu. This is the shop where I first ate noodle/mee hoon/hor fun with milk, and it offering the best 鱼滑鲜奶 I have tasted so far, the fish paste is fresh and tasty. Actually seafood Tom Yam is the most famous menu here but I'm not really into sour food. Other than that, nasi lemak is also one of the most ordered food from the menu. It always full house when lunch hour. I remember once we waited for almost 30 minutes for our orders due to the amount of customers. The nearest rival is the one at 龙少 coffee shop at Balakong. Heard people says there is another more famous one located at Cheras, but I got no idea where is it. Definately will pay a visit if got chance.


Home made herbal tea

Fish paste & milk noodle

Thursday, May 14, 2009

烧肉 @ 沙登永香烧腊饭店

My snack

Is it kinda few for RM5.00 of 烧肉???
The roasted pork from 永香 is no doubt the best in Serdang. It is roasted by charcoal/coal (which one is more precise???) and the skin is always crunchy. But sometime, good thing also cannot overdose, coz after eating those 烧肉 merely without any side dishes or rice, I can feel my mouth got the smell of charcoal/coal '_'

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Asia One Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Went to Asia One Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong the night before my birthday. Not to celebrate or wat, but just have a yam char session with my old friend.

Hunting for yam cha place in Bandar Puteri.

And this cafe caught our eyes.

Outer part of the cafe looks like a pub with jungle decoration as main theme.

Unique trees with blue L.E.D.

Decorations in the inner part of the cafe.

More like a cafe.

From Japanese Food to Korean food until Chinese dim sum and coffee shop breakfast, all in their menu. Some 小食 are quite unique, worth a try.

Winter rose.

Grass Hopper (Mint + Chocolate).

Fried prawn ball.

Cheese and Turkey Ham Toast.

Receipt for 2.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me ^_^

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Badminton @ Yu Hwa

Facing with the computer in the office for 10 hours. Face the computer again when back to home to surf, watch movie etc.
It is good to get my ass out from the chair and do some other thing without computer.
Playing badminton is fun and healthy ^_^ as simple as that.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Papa John's @ IOI Mall

Papa John's Pizza is the 3rd largest delivery pizza company in the world, behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza. Currently, there are 2 franchises in our country, one in Berjaya Times Square and another in IOI Mall new wing. The price of Papa John's is slightly higher but it does taste much more delicious.

Papa John's at IOI Mall new wing.

The interior is nothing special than any other delivery pizza restaurant.

Full with eaters. Need to queue up to be seated. We were lucky to avoid the queue because our leng lui friend went there early and reserved a table for us, hehe.

Nowadays, if you got no free wifi in your café or restaurant, your are few steps behind!!!

I love this. Some kind of garlic cheese butter, really taste good with breadsticks.

Breadsticks. I prefer to dip them with the sauce above than the chili thingy.

What's this? Come with every pizza. Taste like appetizer from chinese restaurant, haha.

Chicken Super Papa's.

Thin Crust Land & Sea.
This is the main attraction of Papa John's pizza. The thin crust is somehow extremely tasty, kinda crunchy but not too hard, match with the topping ingredients perfectly.
The thin crust only come in 9" and is imported from the US(correct me if I'm wrong).

Receipt for 3.

Ok, who wanna accompany me to eat Papa John's Thin Crust Simply Cheese next?