Saturday, May 30, 2009

What is the correct size for me???

Feel the comfort

One more reason to relax.

Most comfortable shoes/sandals.

Aiyakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, bought back home and wore to KL once only realised that the size was kinda small.

Went back to change to a bigger size. Shhhh.......... Don't tell the sales person I wore the shoes until KL ok, hehehe.... Yeah, this time, eventhough is stiiiiillll not perfectly fit(still can feel a lil' tight), but still okie la, hopefully will become loose a bit after few times of wearing.


I always have a problem in choosing myself a suitable shoes. Eventhough I am wearing size 8, but I always can find a lot of different standards of size from different brands.
My current old sandals is size 6 but still super loose, and ended that the sandals is wearing me instead of the other way around (It was the core factor that misleaded me to buy a smaller size sandal, and resulted me in buying a damn tight Hush Puppies in the beginning and had to go back to change)
My formal Renoma shoes is also 41, and is kinda tight, luckily no need to wear it everyday.
My Nike sport shoes is size 9, is a lil' bit loose. Actually size 8.5 will fit my foot perfectly but out of stock, so I took the size 9. It is still ok when wearing it with sport socks.

Other than having difficulty in finding the correct size for my shoes, the same problem goes to underwear as well. FYI, Size M for Renoma, CK, Hush Puppies and Alain Delon are all different -_-"

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