Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nike Zoom Limitless 穿后感

I got a habit which is always unwilling to (不舍得) use the new stuffs that I just bought.
After buying this pair of sneakers for almost a month, I finally HAVE TO wear it since I already brought my old sneakers back to hometown.
Today is the day that I break its virginity. Yeah, we did it all the way from home until CF Mid Valley. We did it more vigorously in CF. Yeah baby~~~ It fully satisfied me. Sexy look, slim and curvy body, perfect complexion, light weight and very comfortable.
I started my gym a week before Chinese New Year 2009. During February, as a person who exercise less than 5 times a year, I jogged for 12 minutes and already out of breath. Until mid of March, I improved a bit, at least can jog for 4KM in 30 minutes continuously and speed at 8.0. Today, with my Nike Zoom Limitless, miraculously, I manage to jog for more than 45 minutes continuously and as far as 5.5KM, at average speed of 8.5!!! I swear I definately CAN continue longer because I still FULL WITH BREATH and POWERFUL, but too bad the time not allow me to continue any longer as I got something else to do afterward. Yeah, more than 45 minutes more than 5.5KM and speed at 8.5, I set my new record!!!
As I mentioned, I seldom exercise and just started my gym session not long ago, please don't compare my record with those expert FOR NOW.

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