Monday, April 27, 2009

LCD monitor

I was using Samsung SyncMaster 713N 17" LCD for almost 3 years. I wanted to buy a wider LCD monitor since before CNY 2009. Last week when I went back to my hometown sweet home, I noticed a LCD box in the living room. Turned my head toward the TV, err nope, still the old cube TV. I never ever expected anyone will buy new LCD monitor since no one in my home using desktop PC. But sometime, things which you never expect it will come true will turn out to be true.

Yeah, we got a new 21.6" BenQ wide LCD in my bedroom. At home, no one needs any LCD and no one will buy no LCD monitor other than me. If I really buy a LCD, I also will go for Samsung or Dell instead of BenQ. So, I wondered how on earth did they got this? Haha,... Actually, it is the prize from the lucky draw(3rd prize) which won by my brother. End of last year, my brother bought a laptop from PC World and he was eligible to take part in the lucky draw. It was kinda surprise since no one mentioned nothing about lucky draw because we all always never expected to win anything over any lucky draw.

The 1st prize of the lucky draw is BenQ Joybook Q41
The 2nd prize of the lucky draw is BenQ Joybook Lite U101
The 3rd prize of the lucky draw is BenQ 21.6" LCD G2110W

My brother gave it to me since he is kinda person who doesn't want anything more than enough.
Eventhough the specification, brand and model is not what I really want, it helps me to save over half a thousand Ringgit anyway. So, I should be thankful and take good care of it.

Thanks bro :)

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