Monday, April 06, 2009

Supper at Bukit Serdang

Normally, the main reason for a food stall/restaurant flooding with customers must be the delicious food. From Tenji, Jogoya, Mid Valley Ikan Bakar,..... until Serdang Raya tyre shop pan mee, enough to prove this fact. But the thing is, there is no 100% guarantee in this world.

This shop is located opposite the Hoi Tong steambot at Bkt Serdang. Just like Hoi Tong, this shop always full with customers everytime I pass by, so, definately worth a try.

Almost 12am but till full with people.

Ice lemon.

Needless to ask, this is my curry mee hoon.

Wan tan mee.

My friend said the wantan mee so so only
For me, that was the 1st time I couldn't finish my curry mee... -_-"
On our way back to the car, I noticed several unfinished curry mee-s on other tables as well.
Another conclusion is, there is no 100% guarantee in this world.


Baby said...

we love this place. don't know where to eat? this is the place.

Low Eng Kiat said...

nice food ..
been eating for almost 4 years already