Thursday, April 09, 2009

Eleven @ Jonker Street

That day after eating crab, we dropped by Eleven bistro which is located at the hub of pubs and bistros along Jonker Street. Bored with Geographer, Ringo full house, never been to Eleven, so it was time to give a try. We reached there at 10:30pm, just few seconds before the Happy Hour promotion ended. One bucket of beer during Happy Hour is only RM37.00 ^_^ happy~~~

The interior full with eyes catching colourful blinking "dot dot" type of laser bla bla reflection kind of lights. Notice the greeny dots in the picture and that is what I'm talking about. Picture taken by phone camera and doesn't bring out the actually atmosphere much. Go experience it yourself and you'll know what I mean. Sound like advertising? Yeah, my friend's father is the owner of the bistro, so need to support a bit, hehe...

Very nice interior design.

Men's drink.

Girl's drink.

Girl's drink also.

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