Monday, March 30, 2009

肥李Restaurant Lee @ Jalan Bendahara Malacca

It's been a while since the last time I had my crab feast. So, I decided to organise one when I back to Malacca. Eventually 8 lengcai lenglui turned up, not bad though. The targeted location were either Restaurant Lee A.K.A 肥李 or the one opposite old OSK. Finally we choosed 肥李 since this shop is easier to indentify.

肥李Restaurant Lee is famous for their fresh milk fried crab 鲜奶炒螃蟹。

Here are some of the flavours from the menu (Only shot partially). Fresh milk, saulted egg, ginger spring union, sour spicy, saulted and black pepper. Sounds weird after translating '_'

Check out those lively and huge crabs!!!

If not mistaken, these huge crabs are called as the Sri Lanka crab.


Chinese tea as drink is the best choice if you don't drink alcohol.

Almost full house when we reached. There was a couple of westerner who also know how to appreciate the delicious chinese food.

Hokkien fried mee. Different with those fat mee in KL.

Singapore mee hoon.

肥李's famous 鲜奶炒螃蟹。



Big and yummy~~~

The 'after' of before and after.

Receipt for 8. Everyone was fully to the max.

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