Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreambox @ Dataran Pahlawan

Still remember, before I went to school, the Mahkota Parade and half of the Melaka Raya that you standing on were just a piece of sea. For Dataran Pahlawan, it was a big field, a combination of lawn and football field I believe. During the old time, people can jog, pat toh along the seaside, that was how my parents pat toh during their younger time, how romantic, hehe...
But after the land extension project of Malacca, Mahkota Parade was build, jetty was created, Pulau Malacca was created but looks more like an abandoned land(our money was wasted by stupid, again). Currently, Klebang area also having land extension project going on. I believe 10 years later, we hardly have enough seaside to play along and collect seashell.

A football field in the middle of the mall.

The outer look of Dataran Pahlawan really got some kind of feel. Traditional yet classy. But no comment for the interior...

My 1st visit to Dream Box.

The entrance.

Fancy entrance.

Inside the K room.

Drinks with weird name.

Receipt for 6 people.

Price list. Very affordable. Will try their buffet package next visit.

Call if interested.

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