Thursday, October 29, 2009

Genting Highland 2 days 1 night trip 云顶高原两天一夜游_Part 3

Breakfast buffet at First World Cafe.
Pricing around RM2+.++
After discount is RM13.++ (including tax)
Seriously, the food is too "normal/basic" and I really can't swallow without discount. Even after discount also a bit steep. What to do? We at Genting...

First World Cafe, located at the 3rd floor of First World Hotel.

Full of people.

Since all the food in Genting is expensive, people prefer to have buffet. At least can eat more. But they forget when quantity up, quality will down, profit balancing tactic of business...

老鼠粉, ham, bean, hot dog, curry chicken.



Nasi lemak. They got roti canai, bread, puff, and some fruit as well.
Drinks will be fresh milk, orange juice, mango juice, coffee, tea.

There is another section for vegetarian food, which look more delicious and less crowded.

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