Monday, October 19, 2009

Pinkberrys Café @ Dataran Pahlawan

Surprisingly, we had a total of 24 people joining last Saturday night's yam char session, unbelievable!!!
We planned to have it at Black & White Cafe but somehow it was closed, so we just moved our ass to the cafe nearby, which is Pinkberrys Cafe (No harm to try new cafe anyway).
I found that Pinkberrys Café also selling Mango Loh which I had it since many years ago at KTZ 记得食 in Selangor/KL. The Loh Loh thingy is one of the attractive point of KTZ. Still remember there was once I addicted to KTZ's Mango Loh and traveled more than 30KM (from Tmn Equine Seri Kembangan to SS2 PJ) twice a week to KTZ just to have a bowl of Mango Loh -_-"

Pinkberrys cafe @ Dataran Pahlawan


Sea Coconut Longan Fungus 海底椰雪耳龙眼

Honey Snow Mango Herbal Jelly [龟苓膏]香芒雪球

Hong Kong Style [Peanut Butter] Toast 港式[花生香奶]多士

Honey for herbal jelly

This one should be QQ Mango Delight with Ice Cream 香芒椰奶亮晶晶雪球, correct me if Im wrong.
Will try this next visit...

Mango Loh 粒粒芒果西, RM5.50, around RM1.00 cheaper than KTZ's.

Net total RM96.60

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