Sunday, October 25, 2009

Genting Highland 2 days 1 night trip 云顶高原两天一夜游_Part 1

Can't really recall when was the last time I visited Genting. If not mistaken, it was 5 years ago...
I like Genting because the air is fresh and it has the 五花八门 feel which makes me feel like 越堕落越快乐 hahaha... There is a special section for International member, and from the outside, I can see the decoration inside is as beutiful as a palace 壮观+富丽+堂皇. Besides, you also can find beautiful Asian chicks all over the place. Things I not really like are, my ears can't really stand the pressure when going up and coming down of hill. Besides, I also do not like secondhand smoke in casino, and that makes me prefer to enter Monte Carlo. But I like the design of the section which decorated with a lot of classic movies' posters.

Nice cooling view.

Genting "model kit".

First World Hotel lobby.

Tidbits, cakes, carbonate drinks, tuna, Gardenia bread... Looks more like going for picnic than Genting.

Our room.


2 gay boys is playing with each other.

A lot of choices for food.

Haunted house (for Halloween?)

The Olive Restaurant.
Will eat and drink here if win big.

Best to ease thirst.

Genting is always happening.

I wanna Be Star!!!

On the way to casino.

Silhouette 1.

Silhouette 2.

Silhouette 3.

This guy so lansi because he is RM80.00 richer now, haha...

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