Saturday, October 10, 2009

中秋节快乐_Happy Mid Autumn Festival_Happy Mooncake Festival

Went back hometown last week to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival(aka Mooncake Festival) with family and also become "Heng Tai 兄弟" for my best friend's wedding.

The previous time when I backed to hometown, I found Haagen-Dazs... this time, I found mooncakes!!! Yeah, is my brother again, he bought some of the mooncakes and some were given by relatives, haha,... I'm so lucky no need to buy myself any, hehe...

I only manage to capture these 2 because the rest were already in our stomach, kekeke...

香叶莲蓉 (Pandan Lotus) by 麦可思。The name of this mooncake is Golden Jade - 金翡翠。

Pandan Lotus taste ok only...

火凤凰 (Fire Phoenix) by 六福。

Assorted Fruits Nuts with Chicken Beads.

Yummy and healthy~~~

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