Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kopitiam Soon Lee @ Serdang Perdana 顺利海鲜烧鱼饭店

Last Saturday, we had our dinner at Kopitiam Soon Lee after coming back from Genting Highland.
This shop was recommended by my friend's cousin(地头蛇)who is familiar with Serdang's delicious food(沙登美食).

Kopitiam Soon Lee 顺利海鲜烧鱼饭店

Full of customers 人山人海

Well-combined chili source (with garlic, small union etc) 独家配制辣椒酱

Chinese tea for everyone 一壶中国茶

Grill lamb 烤羊。This was the best among all. The lamb was grilled perfectly and no gamy smell at all (毫无羊骚味)

My favorite vegetable 油麦

Ginger lala, most suitable to eat while rainy day, and that night was raining too... The soup is superb. Hot and spicy together with the sweetness of the fresh lala

Prawn otak-otak


Tom yam pari

Herbal chicken 药材鸡

Thumbs up for the dinner and thanks to my friend's sister's b. friend ^.^


Baby said...

so many aluminium foil dish. don't they have plate or pot?

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

Haha,.. got la, plates are under the aluminum foil lo... lol
Most of the food are prepared by steaming, grilling, that's y need aluminum foil.