Monday, September 28, 2009

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks 士林台湾小吃 @ Subang Parade

Heard of Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks 士林台湾小吃 for quite some time, and it is famous for its handmade oyster mee sua 蚵仔面线。The handmade mee sua is kinda special because it won't "melt" eventhough keep on brewing over the slow flame.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks @ Subang Parade.

They recommend to eat by only using spoon. I guess it is because it taste superb if you eat the mee sua together with the soup. RM6.00 per bowl.

The oyster is quite big, almost the size of the spoon, but only gave 2 biji...

This one was tapao from newly opened 士林台湾小吃 at The Garden.

When reached home, the parsley (not celery, corrected by baby :P) 芹菜 already turned yellowish, but the mee sua still firm as normal.

They gave 3 oysters since the oyster this time were kinda small.

Not saying that it is very tasty or what. The oysters somehow doesn't taste that fresh and it is a little pricey I would say. But, dunno why, I just couldn't help myself and tried it twice over a week. Only one word to describe the oyster mee sua 蚵仔面线 --- SPECIAL


Baby said...

celery? it looks more like parsley

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

oh yes u r correct, thanks ;)