Tuesday, September 22, 2009

迎客楼 @ The Curve

Still remember the 1st time I visited 迎客楼 was back in 2006. Ya, it was on 15 June 2006! Not only the date, I also remember I went clubbing with friends the night before 15 June 2006 at Thai Club and we all got ourselves drunk. We went home after the so-called breakfast around 4am at a Teochew porridge restaurant behind Berjaya Times Square. Eventhough I managed to wake up before 9am, I still decided to take a "MC" due to my breathe was still full with Jack Daniel smell. Since I was "MC" and no need to work, we went The Curve to watch Fast & Furious 3. Before the movie, we went to 迎客楼 for late lunch. Still remember that time we ordered 红酒面线(red wine mee sua), 南乳肉, 菜圃煎蛋, 菊花洋参须 and so on. For the red wine mee sua, the chef really put red wine kao kao until I felt hard to sip the mee sua, yummy~~~. The 菜圃煎蛋, eventhough is just fried egg with some 菜圃 and cost RM10.00 per plate, but I have to admit that it was the best fried egg I've eaten so far. The most unforgettable from 迎客楼 was the 菊花洋参须, the combination was just perfect. After that day, I tried to boil 菊花洋参须 by myself but somehow just couldn't get as good as 迎客楼 one. But... All of that was just in past now....................................................

迎客楼 nowadays is full with people, price slightly increased, and sad to say that the food is not as good as before :(

Yin Ker Lou.


The best dish of the entire meal.


菊花洋参须 & 竹蔗马蹄。The 菊花洋参须 nowadays got no more the greatness taste which I 1st time had. This is just nothing much different from the one I boiled myself.


南乳炸肉。Not so great as well, somehow got some sour taste on it :(

Receipt for 2.

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