Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ming Sate Hut @ Plaza Mahkota

Ming Sate Hut is located just few blocks away from Nadeje. Since we already there, why not just go and have a try on it because got people said it is super delicious, and the crowd in the shop might prove that the fact is true.
Eventhough our stomach is already full with Nadeje crepes(still got one tiny piece of cheese flavor can't be swallowed anymore), we still head to Ming Sate Hut coz the urge of trying on 美食 is just unstoppable.

Ming Sate Hut.

Eventhough the weather is hot in the afternoon, everybody still willing to squeeze in the crowded shop, and yes, inside the sate hut is hot as well.

People mountain people sea.


The color are same but the flavor are all different.

Super delicious, and almost 90% of it is nut, so you can imagine the fragrant of it.

Pork satay. This is the best in Malacca!!!

This ah ma is the sifu/mastermind behind this best satay in Malacca.

Our mission is to hunt down Nadeje but we bring not much treasure from there.
Ming Sate Hut is not the main mission, just a stopping by, but we got a lot of satisfaction from there ^.^

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