Thursday, September 10, 2009

El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

El Cerdo, just like Jogoya, is one of the most famous title in food blogs.
El Cerdo is Spanish, means 'The Pig'.

Located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, not far from Jalan Alor. The 2 shops are actually linked together. The one at the left side is actually decorated more into family style while the shop at the right side is more like a pub.

This picture was taken after dining.

We were arranged to sit in the shop at left hand side.

Cozy and warm feeling with the companion of Spanish songs.

You can choose to dine in a "room" if come in big gang or a family.

Menu cover. Not only menu cover, you can see there are pig decoration/design items all over the shop.



Man's drink.

Needless to say, girl's drink, Cooler Sunset Dream.

Mushroom soup. Inside got some pork as well.


Jamón Serrano from Spain - Imported High Quality Spanish Cured & Air Dried Ham served on Rock Melon and Salad.

Looks like salmon, haha.

The hams are cut into very very thin pieces. Taste salty, best to reserve with bread provided.

This is not soup or drink but is for you to clean your fingers after eating the ribs.

Here comes the ribs. Oven Roasted Iberico Spare Ribs, served on Pineapple Salsa (imported from Spain).

The ribs taste superb. Forget about the silverware, just eat it by using your fingers, because it is fingers licking good!

Photo taken with flash on.

Taaa Daaa~~~ The main focus of the meal, suckling pig(乳猪).
“COCHINILLO AL ESTILO SEGOVIANO” Half Piglet for 2 persons (imported from Denmark).
The suckling pig of just a few weeks old was marinated in Sauvignon blanc for few days before roasting.
With the chef's superb roasting skill and the tenderness of the meat as well as the softness of the bone together with the crispiness of the skin, you can simply cut the suckling pig by using the edge of a plate!
As per tradition of Spain, the plates used to cut the suckling pig were to knock the chopping board 3 times before cutting. Thokk! Thokk! Thokk! After cutting the pig into pieces, make a wish either for LOVE or WEALTH, and smash the plate into pieces in a wooden barrel provided.

Ready to serve. It came with baked potatoes and salad as well.

Lime juice with Martini on the house, yeah man! It is very helpful to ease our digestion after such hearty meal!
Bottoms up!!!

Receipt for 2 person. Yeah, 2 person finished the entire meal! Many thanks to the Jedi L.E.S. ^.'

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