Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yoichi 酔壱 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Nowadays, especially in KL/Selangor, all the food we eat, from wan tan mee, pan mee, pork mee, chap fan, char siew fan, char kueh teow............ to the famous and expensive Japanese, Korean or Western food, NONE of them are NOT prepared by the labor from Bangla, Indo, Vietnam etc... Or if better also prepared by local. So, don't ever dream that guai lou will cook for you when you dine in TGI :p

Yoichi 酔壱 is one of a few Japanese restaurants which the food is prepared by the real Japanese!!! Here is their website.

Yoichi 酔壱

The interior is simple, kitchen is just separated by a piece of glass.

Very homey kinda feel with all the shelters and racks of Japanese comics and magazines. TV is showing Japanese programs, mainly about fishing.

Green tea and my favorite wasabi peas.

My tempura Mori Set

Tempura. One thing I was not satisfied is, the prawn is so mushy... :(

The set come with soup, rice...

... and these 2, seaweed and steam egg.

Butafille Tori Set

Close up of Butafille Tori Set

Butabara Ichimi. It is roasted pork, but served cold after the topping.

Close up of Butabara Ichimi. Can taste the fragrant of roasting...

Candies will be given upon payment, sweet, hehe...

Receipt for 2 person.

For me, the food is rated average.
I purposely kept the tempura prawns and ate others first because I always eat like a child, always wanted to keep the best last.
Too bad the mushy tempura prawns pulled down the rating of the entire meal.

So far, the best tempura I have eaten is still this one here.

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