Friday, December 04, 2009

Satay Celup @ 万里香 Ban Lee Siang Ong Kim Wee Malacca

- Backed to hometown few weeks ago.

- Planned to look for some light meal as supper around 11.00pm.

- Went to the famous clam stall by the drain at Bunga Raya but the clam already sold out.

- Went to Jonker Walk to hunt for food and drink.

- The Jonker 88 Nyonya laksa was closing.

- Walked to Coconut House from Jonker Street. Waitress walked to us and told us they are closing...

- Since we already at 荷兰街, so just try our luck to see whether Harpers cafe still on business or not. It is quite a distance to walk there actually, and... Damn, it was closed as well.

- Almost 12am by that time. So, we just want to get out from Jonker Street since the stalls already packing up.

- Planned to go for the laksa at Tengkera. It was closed as well.

- Went to 面粉糕 shop near 人生佛学。 Who knows the 面粉糕 was closed for 2 days, only have curry rice. Wasn't in the mood for rice, so just order a cup of barley.

In the end, this was what we took and the time was around 12.30am. The shop was still full of people during midnight...


Laurenx said...

is it the OLD shop? or NEWly open 1?

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

The old one :)