Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stewed duck 卤鸭 @ Restaurant Kam Heong @ PJ State / PJ New Town

The term PJ New Town is not exist in any map of Selangor, it is merely named by the local. To be more specific, this famous 卤鸭 shop is located inside the junction of PJ Hilton, nearby MBPJ and beside the UOB which is beside PBB. Sound confusing but actually it is not so hard to find. This shop will start the duck business around 5pm until 11pm, focus on dinner and supper period.

Stewed duck 卤鸭 @ Restaurant Kam Heong

Stewed duck 卤鸭
I wonder why this 卤鸭 is so famous until almost full house everyday. Actually the duck meat taste averagely good, but the gravy makes the entire plate of duck from good to great. It is best served with hot porridge.

Salted vege 咸菜

Mushroom 冬菇

Total bill of the entire meal for two person is RM20.60


Baby said...

stewed duck from state is my favourite!

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

yeah, u got good taste ;)

Baby said...

i've been eating it since young. when parents know i like so if got pass by, then will buy