Sunday, July 05, 2009

Makan trip @ Tangkak

Went to hunt for food at Tangkak last Saturday. There is a famous 菜头糕 at pasar malam there every Saturday.

We started our journey about 6.40pm from BT's house.

Kampung road.

Rural area.



Reached destination in about an hour of journey. Tangkak is nothing different with Tampin, just another pekan.

Pasar malam.

Legendary chai tao kueh (菜头糕).

BT's wife bought this. Inside is jagung.

Other than 菜头糕 and the above cake, we also bought some 豆沙饼,and ate 五香虾饼鱼丸豆腐、面粉糕、烧鱼 etc, really fully to the super MAX!!!

After Tangkak, we went to watch midnight show.
This is the 1st time I visited GSC at Dataran Pahlawan.
This movie is much more entertaining than Transformers - ROTF.
It will make you laugh while you scare. Kinda weird combination of feeling.

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