Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mini Farewell Party @ Black Canyon Restaurant @ Alamanda Putrajaya

A mini farewell party of mine organized by the beloved "aunty" of my company. I'm leaving the company which I served for almost 2 years (1 more day to be exact 2 years). Sob sob~~~
It's sad to leave the good colleagues who brought me a lot of fun, knowledge, and memorable moments. All the time we have during lunch hour, all the jokes and scandals, and the recent beaten up by a little "kitty cat", are really the sweetest moment which I'll never forget. But in the other hand, it is good to get a better offer and better prospect job. My heart is 喜怒哀乐百感交加~~~

Black Canyon Alamanda.

They describe their coffee by saying "A drink from paradise, available on earth."

They serve 2 kind of menu. One for food and another for coffee.

The interior.

The interior.

Forgot the name.

Tom yam soup. I'm not really into tom yam but this is really impress!!!

Check out what's inside... Got my favorite 金针菇 and 芹菜.

Water melon juice.

Mango salad. This is spicy hot and sour!!! The most excited dessert I have tasted so far. Yeah, excited is the only word that I can find in my dictionary to describe this mango salad.

Forgot the name also.

Forgot the name as well.

Receipt for 3.

A big thank you to aunty who always treat me nice food, borrowed me TV during Olympic Beijing 2008, and also share some of the useful knowledge with me direct or indirectly from time to time.

Got another mini farewell during lunch hour today with another colleague at Padi but forgot to take pictures. Big thank you to her as well. It's my pleasure to have u all as my colleague ^_^

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