Saturday, July 25, 2009

Famous Duck Noodle 鸭面 @ SS Food and Beverage Station @ Pengkalan Rama

It's been years since the last time I had this famous duck noodle. Last time it was located opposite 林镇潘酒家 beside a ditch. Recently it moved to a better, cleaner, brighter environment shop lot nearby. This is another great choice for those 夜猫子。But duck meat will finish kinda early. The time we reached there was already after 12am, so duck meat was sold out. If you wish to try the duck noodle(with duck meat), you might need to go earlier before midnight.

SS Food and Beverage Station.

Friendly aunty preparing food.

Other than duck noodle, she sells yong tau fu and curry mee as well.

Dessert stall 糖水档。


Noodle with duck soup.

Yong Tau Fu 酿豆腐。


Curry noodle.

Yong Tau Fu with duck soup.

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