Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bert's Garden @ Klebang

In Malacca, there are a couple of eating places/cafes/restaurants located just along the seaside. Other than delicious food, you also can have nice view and breeze over there. When I back to Malacca, I always have the thinking that, instead of spending money at common cafe/pub/restaurant, why don't just visit some places which not available in Selangor/KL?
Talking about hangout places along the seaside, Bert's Garden is one of the best. I only been to Sampan, Paradise, and some of which I've forgotten the names. This is the 1st time I visit Bert's Garden. It is located inside a small junction opposite the minimarket (Bintang if I'm not mistaken) and near Seafarer.

Nice neon.

Parking is free!

Coconut tree near the entrance.

In the garden...

There are quite a number of fishes in the sea. You can buy bread(RM2.50) from the waiter to feed the fishes.

Demo from the waiter.

There is a mansion inside the restaurant/garden, just like Sampan. I wonder whether we can enter and have a look...

Picturesque view.



Man's drink.


Nasi lemak.


Fish otak-otak.

Fish otak-otak.

Receipt for 5.

Next time will go there with empty stomach to try their western food and seafood.

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