Friday, June 12, 2009

Station One @ Equine Park

Equine Park is becoming more and more happening nowadays.
Still remember the 1st time I moved to this place, really nothing much there, not more than 5 eating places and the Petronas still not operating.
But now, especially after Jusco built, the place become just like another Taipan or SS2.
Cafes(Wings, Station One, Red Island), steambots, foodstalls, car garages, saloons are growing like mushrooms after raining day.

Station One.

There will be singers performing at night.

Quite a lot of people during lunch hour.

Set lunch menu.

Daily soup. Check out how big is the difference between the real one and the printed one in set lunch menu.

3 layer tea.

Shanghai fried sauce rice with egg.

Lee Kum Kee XO sauce fried rice.

Blackpepper sauce chicken chop rice.

Receipt for 4.

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