Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class @ Pavillion & The Ship @ Bukit Bintang

Started our journey around 6.30pm and the sky still bright. Traffic was smooth all the way until the exit of KL-Putrajaya highway (pic above).


Still jam like hell wtf.

GPS navigation by Asus P750.

The speed is 0 kph!!! Is funny to find out that The Pavillion is not in the map. (2007 map)

KLCC by K810i inside the car, not bad though...

Right hand side red bus signaling left while the bus on the left signaling right. Poor us become sandwiches.

By the time we reached Pavillion, the night already fell.
8 something now and definitely not enough time for 8.30pm show. Watch 10.40pm lor, what to do? Spent almost 2 hours to reach Pavillion!!! Regret for not going One U.

Since the movie starts at 10.40pm and I already in KL, just grab the Gundam stand which I planned to buy from Fantasy Toy. The uncle still as stingy as what he used to be, don't wanna give me discount #&*^$&!!!

So we had our dinner at The Ship @ Bukit Bintang.

The Ship, as the name goes, is a ship!!! From the look outside the restaurant to the interior design inside until the decoration and the uniform of the 'crew' is nothing other than what will you find in a ship. Check their site out @ www.theship.com.my
Still as happening as usual. No point, their food are too delicious for human being to quit.

Yeah, this is what I am talking about!!!

But no money already, so, choose this la,... not bad though...

No more lamb chop since weather is super hot recently. I noticed New Zealand lamb in the menu with great price, will come for it next time. So, I ordered baked fish. Very fresh fish until u can feel the 'sweetness' of the fish... and the cheese on top is 'kao' enough!!!

Mushroom soup.

The Ship is too dark without Xenon flash. Bread with cold Anlene butter.

Yong Chou fried rice. Full with prawns, worth a try.

Definitely is girl's drink. Got flower somemore man!!!

Man's drink.

Great food with excellent environment and good price.

Loitering around Pavillion. This HO家ME makes me homesick, suddenly...

Not a lot, just a bit, looks like The Garden.

I like this area, very very happening. Is already 1am but still very happening.

On the way home. Wow,... still jam, and so many ppl who doesnt need to work tomolo walking around here. Wait a minute, I would say 90% of them are middle easter, what the heck are they doing in a place like this on the time like now???

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