Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bandai Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (Part 3)

Complicated I would say. Unicorn is really a piece of art. The flipping part which make Unicorn transform between normal and battle mode is damn awesome!!! The more complicated it is, the more I love it. And, I'm Loving It baby,...

Believe it or not, this head took me 2 hours to finish, haha... The stickers of the Unicorn's eyes (cant see here coz block by helmet) and the corn already took more than 20 minutes.

One lonely arm (took me another 2 hours).

Yeah, can pat toh with cute cute now, hehe...

Not to say I'm slow, but need to cut part by part carefully, scratch away the cut mark by craft knife and fingernails carefully really takes time man! I finished assembling my 1st MG Gundam (Bandai MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam) way faster because during that time I was only using nail clipper to cut and never trim cut mark properly.
These 2 days enter 7am shift and slept late at night due to my Unicorn really make me tedious to the max. Now, I'm kinda headache and dizzy,... Pls dun sick coz tomolo and Mon is my off days, and I still need to continue assembling as well as go shopping,... Shopping? Yeah,... check out my coming blog y I need to go shopping,... Stay tune!!!

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