Monday, August 04, 2008

Mc D @ Equine

1st of all, I wanna say it out what I've been kept inside for so long ----- F*ck Mc D!!! Especially Taman Equine franchise!!! The ayam goreng Mc D A la Carte used to be RM6.20 and now increase to RM6.88 (rounded to RM6.90), which is so damn steep WTF!!! Im ordering ayam goreng Mc D SPICY since their ayam goreng Mc D biasa taste like rotten rat meat, but AGAIN,... they give me the biasa one (check out the resit and the chicken),... wat are those CHEEBYE stupid workers doing there??? Really PUH NIA BOH!!! KANINEH!!! MAI CHAO HAIII!!!

Dead rotten rat meat !@%^$*

NO MORE F*CKING MC D!!! All the Tmn Equine, MMU, Lim Kok Wing etc ppl who likes to go this Mc D is all SOHAI!!!

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