Saturday, January 09, 2010

Seafood Steambot @ Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant

Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant, a seafood restaurant which offering you more than fresh... Yeah, they offer you live seafood!!! Click on the link and will lead you to their official blog. A lot of celebrities enjoyed the seafood here as well.

Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant.

Full house.

A lot of aquariums there full with lively seafood-wannabe...

Crabs and fishes... They are more than fresh, best described by ALIVE.

Sauces and fried onion.


We ordered 2 person set, which consist of flower crab...

Tao kee, crab sticks, cabbage, tau fu, wan tan...

Egg, yee mee, abalone, mussels.

Notice the prawns here? They were still alive and jumping after putting them in the steambot. That's also a reason why I wasn't able to shoot the picture when they are on the plate, because they were jumping and water was splashing...

Pardon my broken English, don't know how to describe la :p

Ready to be served.


Night safari???

Receipt for 2.

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