Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homemade mee suah soup

Homemade mee suah soup by myself.

- Ikan bilis Soup base 江鱼仔汤 (Ikan bilis boiled for 20 minutes. NO SALT NO AJINOMOTO)
- Mee suah 面线
- Fish ball 鱼丸
- Vegetable 白菜

Less salty, less oily and NO artificial seasoning. The vegetable was washed and soaked thoroughly before cooking. The sweetness and saltiness are originally extracted from ikan bilis and mee suah itself. The soup is crystal clear, only few drops of cooking oil were added and it taste 3 times better than those I can find outside :p
If not because I wasn't feeling well, chili padi surely will be added to bring up my satisfaction even higher...

Ok, sounds like Shiok Sendiri '_'

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