Monday, January 25, 2010

Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat (Pulau Ketam) @ Sri Petaling

Weeks ago, there was a post about steamboat from Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant which is famous for their lively fresh prawns and seafood. Now, let me introduce you a steamboat which is famous for their homemade fishball, fishcake etc. Check out Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat official website HERE.

Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat @ Sri Petaling

Same like Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant, Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat is not in buffet style either.

As usual, you'll get eggs, mee hun, yee mee etc.

Amount for 3 persons, eventhough we had 5 persons. Check out the fishballs, fishcakes, fish noodles, they are all homemade and in raw/uncooked version. Unlike other places which offering cooked and refrigerated version which can easily get from any bazaar or market.


We ordered some extra dishes but I forgot to take photos.


Baby said...

normally buffet style steamboat are not fresh..

K3ViN said...

I think the extra dish u mean is fish meat, fish ball, seafood taufu, meat ball lor right? This shop also have branchs at Klang lor. Anywhere, i'm Kevin, also work at fujitsu but different site. U in Kelana Jaya, me at Cyberjaya. Nice 2 know u.....

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

K3ViN - Hi Kevin, nice to meet you. How long you've been working with Fujitsu?

Baby - Totally agree!