Monday, August 31, 2009

Nadeje @ Plaza Mahkota

Finally, as a Malaccan, I tried the famous Nadeje crêpe ^_^ v
Actually, crêpe is a type of very thin pancake originally from France. I guess Nadeje is some "evolution" from France to Japan, and now it is in Malaysia's Malacca.

This is the main branch located at Plaza Mahkota. They got another branch nearby in Dataran Pahlawan.

Interior. Not so spacious actually.

Cheese slice.

Rum and raisin.

Strawberry chocolate.

Orange ice tea.

Pineapple V. soda.

Calpis hibiscus tea soda.

Receipt for 3 person.

Member card with location map.

Nadeje got a very good "reputation" from a lot of food blogs. A lot of visitors from other states are actually marking Nadeje as one of the "must eat" in their food hunting list in Malacca. It was on Ho Chiak before as well.

For me, it is just ok and not until the level of superb. Nothing special I would say. I am a cheese lover but the cheese flavor just somehow can't please my taste buds. Actually I wanted to try their original Vanilla flavor, but it was sold out that day. Maybe those 3 flavors we ordered were just not up to par with Vanilla flavor???

Will give a try on vanilla flavor before any conclusions made...

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